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Chains for an Average Woman


The body of work ‘Chains for an Average Woman’ is based on the notion of a woman’s relationship to self-identity, chained as it is to the female personas of our time. As Fabian gives traditional chains a new purpose and a new form, each of her works enacts one female archetype. Playing with the symbolism of chains, her pieces raise the question of whether women are more liberated or constrained in our modern society.

Even as the nature of identity becomes increasingly transient and complex, recent cultural trends have awakened outdated classifications and stereotypes in the representation of women in popular culture. ‘Chains for an average woman’ is a literal expression of the diverse amount of roles mass-media, and by extension society encourages in women.

With her large metal-chain necklaces, Fabian draws connections between self-identity and female stereotype, exploring how individuality develops against a background of economic and cultural conditions.

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