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You, me and your stuff


In her project Fabian is making jewellery by reconstructing everyday objects identified as being important in people’s lives. Investigating the role of artefacts as signifiers of identity and as a potential way through that value can be created and expressed, she asked 60 individuals to name their most essential possessions, which they feel best represent themselves. Fabian condensed the outcome of the survey into a series of necklaces, analysing and reflecting on our material culture. The work visualises the lasting bond we have with our objects, using jewellery as an intermediary between the self and society and as a mediator of value and identity. Building on the tension between commodity and uniqueness, art and design in contemporary society, the project explores the controversies of everyday life and aims to stimulate a dialogue on the necessity and value of our things.

The project expands across mediums, comprising short stories and several musical singles produced in a collaborative project – experimenting with an interdisciplinary approach for intricate biography of the works.

Collaborators: Kristof Hajos, Akos Mesterhazy, Ambrus Tovishazi, Martijn van Ooststroom, Jo Bloxham, J. P. Cardeira, Marilyn Volkman, Greg Lipoczi




Drunk chain



Biker’s necklace


Voulez Vous


Chain diet


Liesbeth’s wine


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